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[May 10, 2008]

My experience with Ayanna has been nothing short of miraculous.  Within the short time I have been working with her, not only have I seen huge transformations in myself, but friends and family have noticed also.  Believe me, when your mom notices and offers to give a testimonial, you know that huge changes have occurred. At first, I was hesitant to reveal the layers of myself that I had tried to keep hidden even from my self, but now I can’t wait for the next session.  I feel so much more powerful and free. Ayanna has an awesome way of life coach guiding and helping you through what you might consider to be hopeless.  She does this with such an uplifting grace. She raises the energy in a room. She listens with a positive outlook, complete empathy, and no judgment; because these are your beliefs, your thoughts, not right or wrong, or good or bad.  She empowers you with tools that you will find yourself using on a daily basis. They are so simple, yet so powerful. To be honest, I have done the motivational seminars, which are wonderful but the effects usually only last a couple days or a week. 

I never thought I would use a Life Coach because I didn’t want to pay for a cheerleader to keep me on the motivational high. This is nothing like that. You change, it’s that simple.  You find with each step you take your life gets easier and better.  I find myself enjoying life more, in every area. It isn’t about becoming willing to settle for what you have, it is more like recognizing it for what it is and how it can serve you to help you get what you really want. She helps you see that the journey needs to be enjoyable, not rough and miserable. I feel truly blessed for having such a wonderful person as Ayanna to help me along this path. What Ayanna offers is more than you could ever expect!   

Robin Davis

[April 3, 2008]

As an executive life coach and business consultant, I am always looking for ways to help my clients grow and bring more fulfillment into their lives. Ayanna has been a great resource and she has an amazing ability to drill down to the core issues that are holding us back.  She has helped me clear many old beliefs and created space for more abundance and prosperity in my personal and professional life. 

Simply put, I have more peace and less struggle! I highly recommend her services and regularly refer my clients to her.

Troy Pratt...  


[April 2, 2008]

A friend of mine had an appointment with Ayanna and shared with me all the benefits that she had acquired from their work together. I have worked with intuitives before, but had not been able to find one for several years. I am no stranger to self help and energy work.  I have worked with the teachings of Louise Hay, metaphysical teacher Barbara Brennan - Author of Hands Of Light and Light Emerging that deals with energy; the Cherokee Nation Indians, I’ve read all of Shirley McClain’s works and Shakti Gawain as well as Carolyn Myss and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have to admit that working with Ayanna was some of the most profound work I have ever experienced and 100% accurate. 

It was impressive the way she could connect with my energy field over the phone and be so “on the money”. Ayanna described in detail situations in my body in various parts without me sharing any information at all, at first; just allowing her to scan and read what she felt. She went into great detail and then I asked if I may share with her what she was experiencing. I told her I had open heart surgery with 5 bypasses and have been diagnosed as a diabetic.  There are bed sores on my feet, and Ayanna could even describe the pain, sensation and location of these soresI would highly recommend that you allow yourself the experience with Ayanna and work with this intuitive wonderful woman on your life’s path, as the benefits I have received have been profound and has moved my recovery along many miles. I will continue to do work with her as I heal and grow into who I am about to become. 

Ayanna I thank you and send you universal love! To all of you who have yet to travel this path I urge you to invest in yourself, as the hardest work we will ever do is the work we do on ourselves, yet this work is the most rewarding. 


Shawn P. Quiglye

Kansas City, KS

[March 18, 2008]

Dear Ayanna,

I am so grateful that you came into my life ... when the desire and want are there the teacher appears!!  I was a little skeptical when we first met because after going to group therapy, individual therapy, and support groups for the last 22 years, I was too tired to try another thing.  I have been looking and searching for a long time to feel okay inside about who I am, what I want, and trying to fill a nagging hole in my soul.  I have learned more from you in 4 visits and feel a new sense of energy and wholeness than I have in a long time.  My most recent therapist helped me get through my divorce from a man I was married to for 24 years.  I have been divorced for 2 years and am facing a new life with just me. You are helping me be okay with being just me.  So thank you so much.

It is hard for me to put into words the transformation and excitement that I am feeling. I said 4 weeks ago that I was too tired to try another thing, well I changed my mind I am so excited about this process.

Let's keep working together!  


Margaret Q.

[March 18, 2008]


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me thru a very rough period in my life.  I was referred to you by a new client of the company I am employed with.  He told me that once I met you I would understand the beauty of you and would immediately feel a great relief but he didn’t tell me that the relief would be replaced with joy and peace.  I have been so stressed out for the last 3 months and I had come to the conclusion that nothing was going to change, thank god you entered into my life.  The energy that you bring with you cannot be put into words my whole demeanor has changed.  People at work cannot understand what’s happened to me because I can't stop smiling. I have a totally different outlook on my circumstances and life in general.  I am looking forward to working with you as my life coach.

May gods bless you and may you continue to be a blessing to others.

Linda G

[August 13, 2007]


I just want to thank you for helping me to release some of the things that had been blocking my personal progress.   It was truly amazing to be able to "tap" my way to a much better outlook and to actually feel the movement of the stagnant energy that I was holding in various areas in my body. Thanks for your patience, your understanding, your positive energy and your compassion. Thank you for teaching me to "tap tap tap" my way to better relationships.  It was truly a blessing doing life coaching online with Ayanna!


Carmen Medellin

[August 4, 2007]

In the very first session she almost instantly began to open up my mental and spiritual blockages that I previously thought and hoped that I had cleared. Since that time I have been on an upward spiral of true internal peace, forgiveness, happiness and success.  I regard Ayanna as a sacred and blessed spirit who shares her wonderful gifts to help others fulfill their destinies in harmony and bliss. 

Thank you Ayanna! 

Dr. Bilgah Israel

[December 13, 2006]

I was referred to Ayanna from another Life Coach when I was going through a very challenging time financially and was very depressed.  With pin point accuracy Ayanna was able to detect the negative thoughts I was dwelling on and get me turned around quickly to focusing on the good things in life.  The result is I am happy, enjoying life and making more money than ever before.  This huge change happened in just over one year! 

Thank you Ayanna,

Bryan Schroeder

[August 7, 2006]

I met Ayanna thru Synchronicity in 2006.

I have experienced Ayanna’s gift of Intuition to be amazing. She has assisted me with learning how to utilize EFT in both personal and business situations. 

My impression of Ayanna is that of Abundance, Compassion and High Vibration. I consider her to be a friend and spiritual Mentor. I consistently experience energy elevation when I speak to her. I recommend her to anyone that I feel could benefit from Mental/Physical and/or Spiritual guidance.

Todd Pratt

[March 3, 2006]

Working with Ayanna, has been a life rewarding experience.  I sometimes wonder if she knows to the full extent how her work and presence has enhanced the quality of my life experience. We have known each other for nearly 11 years, and now those conscious seeding conversations have come to full bloom. From that first moment in her presence, I thought to myself that her spirit contained & was operating in connection with some very evolved and high level principles. You could just feel it. 

Early 2006 I began utilizing her Life Coaching services. The process called tapping, which included a series of bringing many negative unconscious parts of my past to the conscious surface and separating them from my present moment. The peace and clarity was instant. Peace that I have maintained up to this very moment. This has carried over into my personal life as well as my business ventures, by raising my level of physical & internal energy thus enhancing my ability to attract the better parts of life. Once working on to improve my life with her combination of methods it’s impossible to remain stuck. MY LIFE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER & BETTER!

Alvin Morrow

Alternative Health Specialist 

Daylight Nutrition

[May 05, 2005]

Hello, I'm writing on behalf of Ms. Ayanna, a beautiful person that I met about two and a half years ago. It is very seldom that you meet a person that is as friendly and personable as she is. Ayanna is well versed in many subjects, a very good conversationalist and an exceptional motivator. She has a wonderful spirit that lights up the room once she walks into it. All her conversations are very informative. Ayanna has taught me how to look things in a different way. Since meeting her it has changed me in a lot of different ways; I have never been able to open up about some personal issues that I had been dealing with, but with her she felt my problems and helped me work thru them. I hope that I can always consider her a friend.


Rosalind Thompson 

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Ayanna's Empathic gift enables her during Life Coaching sessions, to feel another person's emotional  body, and experience the world around them; you will be amazed at what she will "pick-up" about you and your situation...allowing your coaching program to progress at a much faster rate and even deeper level!

Spiritual Life Coaches like Ayanna can not only sense energy imbalances, but she can actually feel in her body, the energetic information about your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual state of well-being or lack of well-being! This gives Ayanna an awesome advantage when coaching because she can address areas in which you don't have conscious awareness.  Keep in mind that many times it's what we are NOT aware of (blind spots) that gives us the MOST trouble and holds us back!

Spiritual Life Coaching is not limited by distance; so in person or over the phone it's the same life changing experience for you!

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